2019 Reaffirmation Timeline

A separate timeline for the QEP process is available on the QEP website.

December 2016 Leadership Team Orientation at SACSCOC Annual Meeting
February 2017

Reaffirmation Kickoff

Launch Reaffirmation Website

Winter 2017 Orientation of Compliance Certification (CC) Writing Teams
Spring/Summer 2017

Writing Teams Research and Draft CC

Monthly Progress Reports

Fall 2017

Writing Teams Complete Draft of CC

Draft CC Submitted to SACSCOC

Winter/Spring 2018

Incorporate SACSCOC Suggestions into CC

Complete Final CC

Summer 2018 Editing and Formatting of CC
September 2018 Submit Final CC to SACSCOC
November 2018 SACSCOC Offsite Peer Review
Nov 2018/Jan 2019 Prepare Focused Report (if necessary)
February 2019 SACSCOC On-Site Visit at GSU
Spring/Summer 2019 Prepare Focused Report (if necessary)
December 2019 Official Decision from SACSCOC