Writing Teams

Writing Teams will meet regularly for the duration of the project as organized by the respective chairs.  The main work of the teams is to draft responses to each of their assigned core requirements, comprehensive standards, and/or federal requirements.  These written responses will be documented and submitted via the Xitracs software system on or before stated deadlines.

Before drafting responses, Writing Teams will complete an analysis of each assigned requirement and standard and make a determination of whether the university is in:

  1. compliance,
  2. partial compliance, or
  3. not in compliance.

If it is determined that the university is not in compliance (#2 or #3), the responsible Writing Team in conjunction with the Unit Head will propose an action plan for bringing the university into compliance.  Depending on the amount of action required the Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness (APIE) will present the action plan to the CCSC or the RLT for approval.  Once approved, the action plan will be implemented by the Unit Head who will report to the APIE.

Writing Team chairs and members may be asked to meet with the SACSCOC on-site review team during the site visit to discuss the findings as stated in the submitted narratives.