Overview of Reaffirmation

Beginning in January 2017, many members of the university community will be involved in laying the groundwork for the university’s reaffirmation of accreditation in December 2019.  These efforts will focus on preparing two documents:

  • The Compliance Certification
  • The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

The Compliance Certification is based on data collected by the university that evaluates institutional effectiveness in a variety of areas, including:

  • Mission, governance, and administration
  • Educational programs, curriculum, and instruction
  • Faculty
  • Learning and information resources
  • Student affairs and academic support services
  • Financial, physical, and IT resources

Committees of faculty, staff, administrators, and students have been established to collect this data and respond to the corresponding SACSCOC standards.  SACSCOC reviewers will then evaluate GSU based on this data.

For more information about the QEP development process, please visit the separate QEP webpage.