QEP Selection Process Update

In response to its January 2017 call for proposals, GSU received a total 36 QEP topic proposals, which were reviewed by the QEP Topic Selection Committee in April and May.  The committee invited three teams to prepare expanded proposals for further consideration by the GSU community.  The three proposals are (click on the links to see summaries):

College to Career: Career Readiness through Every Day Competencies

Experiential Learning Across the Curriculum

Global Pathways to Student Success: A Model to Promote Global Learning for All

The full proposals will be posted on the QEP website in mid-September and presented to the GSU community.  Based on the feedback received and its own analysis of the proposals, the TSC will recommend a final QEP topic by late in the fall of 2017.

Please direct questions or comments to John Duffield, QEP Coordinator, at Duffield@gsu.edu or 3-2615.